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A dialogue I had with one of my FB friends

January 16, 2014

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A dialogue I had with one of my FB friends. I think it is important to post it as I feel this discussion is very CURRENT.Appu Kumar: Why you people manipulate it not complete in itself! Yoga is a complete documentry. Before any subtle manipulation there must be a very sound research .of late i see every one doing gymnastics and mistaking it for yoga. Almost all are maniulating it , some have evolved tibetan yoga ,some are developing power yoga ,some people have developed hot yoga -they practise in high temperature ,yours is qu yo yoga and surprisingly some idiots have formulated nude yoga.i dont wish to hurt you lora but i liberally and honestly say what i feel . Mere body stretching is not yoga.Ariadne Antahkarana: I totaly agree with you AppuAriadne Antahkarana: Yes, dear Appu Kumar, the world has gone mad in recent years dong all sorts of circus acts, thinking that Yoga is some sort of flexibility competition. I started my journey with classical Vedanta Yoga path and I always did sadhana from the Heart. Asana was never something physical, it was always a Prayer to me. I also struggled to understand the current Movement of superficiality masking the profound path that YO-GA is. I even wanted to stop with asana and just focus on my meditation practice! But then, I looked deeply into my heart and compassion arouse. We must understand that the world is moving to a new evolutionary curve- Satya Yuga is starting to blossom and the shift in consciousness will be happening both from the inside-out and from the inside-in. We need to understand with compassionate eyes that every creature will take from YO-GA what he/she can from his/her level of consciousness. For some Yoga is communion with God for others it is gymnastics, but eventually we all will climb the spiral towards light the same way! After all, look at all the negativity and opposite forces are there in the world- violence, confusion, tamasic food….we should be happy that more and more people are interested in practicing YOGA, even if in the most external and superficial fashion! I know that when a person starts on the journey, EVEN from the awareness of doing some flexibility tricks, eventually a person will start digging deeper and discover more profound truths about live! This is what Yoga does to people- it is contagious and transforms them! So we should be happy and compassionately loving towards everyone, no matter how they interpret the Truth! As far as Qi -Yo Yoga- the name is irrelevant….it is important the intention we have behind it. And the intention is to HELP people and to SERVE the light we have within our hearts. We see YOGA in its depths and we feel the journey from the deepest chambers of our hearts. We just simply believe in a new way of introducing it to the world- we cannot only have the Classics, if only Classics exists then the world would not evolve. Movement is the essence of Creation, the breath of the Universe. For movement to exists, there need to be people brave enough to experiment and re-invent! The world cannot listen to only Mozart, we also need Beethoven, Bach, Beatles, Deva Premal, Led Zeppelin….we need a bouquet of variety, otherwise it will be Mao Zedongs world! An experiment is needed for progress to occur! We cannot have only vedanta, we also have Tibetan Buddhism, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Egypt, Mayans, Greece……we need to honor and respect all advancements in history of our spiritual evolution. So the Qi Yo Yoga field of research is just a drop in the ocean– we are NOT about physical culture more that it could help the overall being of a person and prepare him/her for a deeper journey. We believe first and foremost in SYNTHESIS and in making it easy for people to embrace ancient wisdom in their modern lives. Please see here:
Love you dear brother! AUM

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