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Article Dedicated To Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga In International Lifestyle Magazine

March 17, 2014

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Article Dedicated To Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga In International Lifestyle Magazine

We are dying in our own self-created, illusory bubble of a comfort zone.We are playing hide-and-seek with ourselves, forgetting that we can escape from everything except from our own selves. The planet is full of lost children dressed in a veneer of happiness, playing this game of distraction. We have become so disconnected from our hearts that we forget to seek what really matters our own author. To solve any problem, we first need to identify the cause. The cause is and has always been our own consciousness. To make any change and move forward we need to invest our energies in a global shift in consciousness.

The macroshift has been happening for the past twenty years and is now approaching a threshold the critical point at which the system as we know it either collapses or shifts into a new state of dynamic stability. We are in the middle of a very interesting yet disruptive period in our planet’s evolution. We are being called upon to summon our oceanic abyss of resources of heart and mind, to create an era of growing alliance and synthesis. The whole process can begin with a small group of people with an evolved consciousness a group that can change the world if it grows in critical mass quickly enough. This group of people will see the big picture and will connect the dots. They will need to forget the beliefs that no longer reflect the realities of our world and no longer serve our lives or the lives of those around us. We as humanity will have to unlearn what we have so diligently been learning for centuries; we will have to strip ourselves to the core, casting off dusty layers of negativity. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to assimilate something new as long as we hold on to the old. We would have to transcend, overcome, re-absorb from the old in a new context. Then, we will guide humankind from the critical point of chaos to the next stage a breakthrough. Today contains a limitless field of possibilities. Our hope and strength is in our freedom of choice. The world is an undulating curve, and we have the power to shape it through our choices.

What we project is what we reflect, so, in order to change our world, we have to change the way we relate to it from absolute reality to immediate reality. We need to heal and harmonize ourselves in order to heal and harmonize the world. Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga is dedicated to shifting the paradigm and welcoming a new age of yoga renaissance. Its mission is to assist people to identify, retrieve, nurture, and grow their own spirituality. Their approach to teaching is extractional, instead of acquisitional (i.e., the process is meant to extract innate wisdom and knowledge from the practitioner instead of providing new information to him). They believe that people need to embrace who they truly are, identify their purpose for being alive and use their strengths to make change.

Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga believes in the structural blueprint of the circle and spiral- where each member is his/her own “teacher”. They believe that people have been relying way too much on external “gurus” and theories of what to do or what not to do. But unlike the past, now is the time to surrender into our own Inner Guide and allow our innate wisdom to lead our lives, we only need to learn to be in touch with That Guide! Qi-Yo Multi-Yoga is the first system to unite Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, and Balinese practices with traditional Vedantic Yoga.

The system came to life in the early 1990s and in January 2013, after years of perfecting it, it received acknowledgement of being the first system of its kind. This type of Yoga is a combination of practices that are analyzed and applied in a system, the main objective of which is to give freedom to each practitioner to reprogram, restructure and reinvent himself in order to experience a sense of unity and harmony with the entire universe. As the system allows practitioners to choose those practices that best fit their goals, it allows them to meet ancient wisdom with new consciousness, tradition with modernity and the Self with the Source.

Qi-Yo is a form of Theosophical Yoga that transcends the idea of spiritual awakening being attained by practicing Eastern or Western spiritual practices. Instead, it uses a technique of self-discovery called Spiritual Ecology that is neither Eastern nor Western, but universal. Based on the “septenary constitution of man,” Qi-Yo maps out a structured “Sevenfold Path to Satvic Awareness” process for each individual who wishes to access the seven energetic bodies or states of existence (physical, energetic or ethereal, astral, mental, causal, intuitive and spiritual). The ultimate goal of the practice, as with all Yoga, is the union of the practitioner’s spirit with the Universal or Supreme Spirit. Everything in the multiverse is vibration, Every form is a potential source of vibration. Qi-Yo Multi-Yoga is concerned with the vibrational design of both our outer and inner spaces. For example, The Ajna Unity Mat, world’s first Oval Yoga Mat, was created by Agung and Antahkarana (the founders of Qi–Yo) one day during their Yoga Nidra meditation.

While contemplating Nature’s energy patterns, they realized that the rectangular Yoga mats used today are counter-productive to the purpose of Yoga. As energy in nature moves in oval and eggshaped patterns, one should use an egg-shaped mat when practicing Yoga. Today, this oval mat is used when practicing Qi-Yo Yoga. offer classes and courses for all levels. When you look at the website you will be drawn to one in particular. This is the inner you reaching out. This is confirmation that the truth that lies within you is hidden under layers, all of which can be removed exposing who you are, identifying your purpose and allowing you to grow and develop. Some may read this and it will make no sense, that is ok, it is not your time, but for those who it does connect with, this is your time, take a leap and dive in!

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