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Energy Balancing *Workshop* /Balance Energético/at- en Playa Del Carmen 20 USD


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/Come to RELAX and HEAL.
4 hours as a GIFT For You.


*Hazle un regalo a la persona mas especial: TU MISMO!
4 horas de Relajación, auto SANACIóN, Protección energética para encontrar tu BALANCE*

/We are all made of energy and it is this energy that gives us life. The health of your subtle energy systems is just as important to your overall well-being as the health of your physical body. In fact, the health of your energy determines the health of your body!
Come to learn PRACTICAL and simple techniques to improve your overall being and your life.
Todos estamos hechos de energía, es la energía misma la que nos da la vida. Mantener nuestro campo energético sano, es tan importante para nuestro bien estar como la salud de nuestro cuerpo físico. De hecho, la salud de tu cuerpo sutil o energético se refleja en tu cuerpo físico!

Ven y APRENDE técnicas simples y PRACTICAS para encontrar BALANCE y Bien estar.

/Energetic defense, Qi -Gong,
Chakra balancing, Prana exchange.
Mantra protection, Breath extensions.

* Practicaremos:

Defensa Energética, Qi Gong, Balance de Chakras, Manejo del PRANA, Protección con Mantras, Técnicas de Respiración.

About Qi Yo/ Más información sobre Qi Yo Multiversal:

Video/ video ilustrativo #QiYo:

With Swami Agung Sangha (35+ years of experience in the field)/*
con el fundador Swami Agung Sangha (35+ de experiencia en el campo de sanacion

Saturday DECEMBER 2nd from 4pm to 8pm.
at Casa Ananda in Playa del Carmen.

*Sabado DICIEMBRE 2 DE 4pm A 8pm.
En Casa Ananda, Playa del Carmen
Fee/ : 550 pesos*
*Includes: the workshop experience above and the following/ Incluye: taller, más lo siguiente:
— A voucher for 50% OFF from Qi YO Yoga class in Casa Ananda in December: ,
***– 50% de DESCUENTO en las clases regulares de Qi Yo en casa Ananda, todos los Martes y Jueves 10 am, hasta el 7 de Diciembre.

— 5% discount voucher for Teacher
Training in Bacalar in January ‘18
( )

*– 5% de DESCUENTO en la FORMACIÓN DE MAESTROS QIYO Bacalar Enero 2018( )

— 5% discount for shopping at and

** — 5% de DESCUENTO en la compra de and
**450 pesos if you sign up & pay before December 1st
FOR MORE INFO: 984 158 3236

****450 pesos con registro y pago antes del 1 de Diciembre****

Para mas información: 984 158 3236


We are blessed to welcome Lena Kurganska as part of the team for Saturday’s workshop!
She is a Wellness Therapist at The Natural Health Expert and a Wellness Advocate at doTERRA Essential Oils.
More info about her here:
She is a certified natural health practitioner with over 10 years of experience.
This Saturday, as part of the workshop, she will share with you:
— Practical ways of getting started with bioenergetic tuning.
— Simple and highly effective techniques for achieving amazing wellbeing.
— Tips and tricks of using energy work, essential oils and special natural supplements to maintain optimal health.
— AromaTouch Technique:
A super-quick healing massage technique. Aromatouch teaches you how to apply particular essential oils along energy meridians to completely revitalize the system, release stress and increase energy. Easy to learn & very effective!


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