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Holiday retreat in Egypt


Egypt, Africa

  • Daily Qi-Yo Yoga and Qi-Gong classes
  • Introduction to local energy masters and yogis
  • Qi-Yo yoga tank-tops, t-shirts and oval mat
  • Excursions to local sacred places
  • New Year’s Eve celebration
  • Accommodations for 20 nights
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
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1 Person Package $2150.00
2 Person Package $4300.00
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Journey Description

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Join our spiritual tour to Egypt and visit ancient sites with private and exclusive access! On this journey, we will discover the richness of Egypt’s past.

While we are at these sites, you will be invited to take part in meditations and ancient healing techniques designed to clear away negative emotional baggage, awaken the spirit and assist you to create the life that you want in all areas of your life. Our Egyptologists are a walking encyclopedia of the history of Egypt, so this tour will have many layers to it and will have something in it for everyone.

Visit Abu Simbel at Dawn
We will visit the temples at Aswan and Luxor, including the Temple of Sekhmet at Karnak, which is not open to the general public; the Luxor Temple, the Dendera Temple, which is dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of abundance, love and joy; the beautiful temples of Abydos, the Temple of Edfu, which is dedicated to the God Horus; the Kom Ombo Temple, which is the only temple dedicated to two Gods – Sobek the Crocodile God of strength, fortitude, fertility and rebirth and Horus, the hawk-headed son of Isis and Osiris; the Temple of Philae, which is dedicated to Isis, the great Mother; and the Esna Temple, which is dedicated to the God Khumn.

We will visit the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, including the Funerary Temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut to which we will make a pilgrimage at dawn.
We will explore the pyramids at Dashur and Sakkara and visit the newly restored Serapheum at Sakkara, which houses the Tombs of the Appis Bulls.
We will explore the Cairo Museum and marvel at the treasures of King Tutankhamun as well as thousands of other artifacts of Ancient Egypt.

One of the more important aspects of our visit will be when we stand between the paws of the mighty Sphinx at Giza and watch the first rays of the rising sun light up its magnificent face. This special moment is only experienced by a chosen few.
We will explore the Pyramids of Giza when they are closed to the public and experience a special two hour guided meditation in the King’s Chamber.

Know before you go

Ground transportation, Internal flight

Airport transfers
Transfer from and to Airport.

Course information
As a souvenir from your Qi-Yo trip, you will given Qi-Yo gifts: Yoga tank tops, T-shirts and Oval yoga mat.

Additional information
For more information ask your questions directly to Qi-Yo who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Contact Organizer button to send a message.

Booking conditions

30% deposit 45 days prior to your arrival date. Full payment required 25 days before your arrival date

Once deposit is submitted, participants can cancel and are not committed to partake, but the deposit will be retained.

Accepted payment methods
Bank wire transfer, Credit card, Paypal

Tips for driver not included. Tipping is optional.

Additional Information

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1 Person Package $2150.00, 2 Person Package $4300.00


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