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Qi Yo Yoga will lead a Mystical Adventure & Yoga Retreats in Ecuador


Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Dec 1 – Dec 14, 2015

  • Daily Qi-Gong & Qi-Yo yoga classes
  • Andean Cosmology & Incan Despacho ceremony
  • Evening program of sound journeys, kirtan and etc.
  • Visits to local sacred places & powerful natural oases
  • Meet artists &leaders on the path of enlightenment
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • 13 nights accommodation
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1 Person Package $2195.00
2 Person Package $4390.00
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Journey Description

DescriptionExcursionsInstructorsLocationThings To DoAccomodationFoodKnow before you goHow to get thereBooking conditions

Amazing Ecuador Yoga Retreat

Join Qi-Yo’s journey to Ecuador for an amazing yoga retreat in this striking natural oasis. Improve your yoga skill with the guide of Qi Yo certified yogis. Dive into your practice for an exceptional and life-changing yoga getaway. Ecuador, with its wide-ranging scenery of hills and mountains, rich wildlife, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches provides a wonderful backdrop to its colorful, deeply spiritual and unique culture, is no doubt an ideal place for an outstanding yoga retreat!

Qi-Yo Adventure Yoga Retreat Ecuador Program
Widen and deepen your spiritual self-development practice with daily Qi-Gong and yoga instruction, high vibration living foods diet, powerful sound-journeys, adventures into Pachamama’s sacred places, and interactive encounters with profoundly inspired visionaries within their paradisiacal oases of devotion. Partake in Incan Shamanic Ceremony, activate interpersonal spirituality with group consciousness practices, and uplift your heart and consciousness in unity with the global surging of the human spirit!

Qi-Yo offers a holistic and integrated approach that aims to instill a life-improving practice that unifies the fundamental traditions of human knowledge, for the benefit of the practitioners and of all mankind. This system helps people find a connection to the global esoteric heritage from ancient times to present day. Chinese and Indian yogic systems are foundational to the techniques used in Qi-Yo, in combination with a synthesis of other methods to help you elevate your consciousness and refine your physical and energetic well-being.

The home base and accommodations for the retreat will be a fully sustainable facility whose design and purpose combines beauty, function, and conscious living. The centre is a model of sustainable design, with solar energy, wastewater bioremediation, permaculture landscape, and bountiful gardens which supply much of the fresh organic food for the living foods retreat menu.


Eternaculture Centre
Deepen your understanding of permaculture as we tour and explain the landscape and facility design, off-grid energy and water systems, and participate in a discussion about integrating natural systems and advanced technology for a sustainable way of living. Evening program of sound journeys, Sufi Zikr, Kirtan, meditation, enlightenment media, and more.

Podocarpus National Park
With local guide and nature interpreter into Podocarpus National Park, experience the incredible ecosystem of a tropical cloud forest, culminating at a majestic waterfall.

Seed Sanctuary
Meet seed carriers, devoted to preserving seed varieties for humanity’s future, and master of artistic edible landscape design.

Legacy sanctuary at Tumianuma
Meet Jay and Caroline at their incredible LS1 sanctuary for deep ecology earth stewardship, learn about the living ways of water and human harmony with nature, and participate in an interactive presentation and discussion on personal reality and collective consciousness.

Mandango horseback trail ride
Ride to the summit of Mandango, legendary sacred mountain of the Incan Empire, with unforgettable panoramic vista of the Andes.

Centre for Peace, Sustainability and the Arts
Meet visionary artists and their masterpiece house of architecture and landscape design. After a tour of the grounds, buildings and art, we arrive at the ceremonial temple to receive an Andean Cosmovision presentation and traditional Incan Despacho Ceremony.


Qi Yo Multiversal Yoga Certified Teachers


Vilcabamba rests at 5000 ft. elevation in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, about 5° south of the equator. The climate is as good as it gets, and is commonly referred to as “eternal spring”. It is known as the “Valley of Longevity”, and the “playground of the Incas”, where Incan royalty would go for rejuvenating retreats.

This theme carries forward to present times, it is a healthy environment that energetically supports self-development and spiritual awakening. The Vilcabamba town center features international cuisine along with local fare, and local markets of tropical fruits and vegetables. Vilcabamba is on the edge of Podocarpus National Park, where stunning vistas, wilderness hiking and horseback trail riding adventures await.

Things To Do

In Vilcabamba

  • Attend a sweat-lodge ceremony
  • Book a week at the Vipassana meditation centre
  • Choose from a wide array of therapeutic spa treatments, from turkish baths and reiki to rolfing and conscious touch
  • Have a personal medicine ceremony with local shamans
  • Learn spanish and connect with the locals
  • Move your body and energy at an ecstatic dance event
  • Participate in a full moon drum circle
  • Practice kundalini yoga at the Mandango Pyramid
  • Sing sacred music at the Taizé circle

In Ecuador

  • Bask in the natural thermal springs at Baños
  • Explore Ecuadors diverse ecosystems and climate zones
  • Explore the cultural marvels of Cuenca
  • Rent a car and drive the exotic coastal route for tropical beaches, surfing and seafood
  • Take a river trip in the Amazon Jungles with Indigenous Shuar guides
  • Take a sea voyage to the Galapagos Islands
  • Visit an exotic bird sanctuary in Zamora


The Sustainable Eternaculture Centre is a facility whose design and purpose combines beauty, function, and conscious living. Among the principles embedded in its philosophy are “my life is my spiritual practice” , and “I am in interdependence with both the natural world and the spiritual realms”.
The villa is located on the slopes of the Mandango, famed since Inca times as a symbol of protection for the Valley. The Inca royalty came to this Valley to regenerate and recuperate, it was a quiet healing Valley for them, also for Inca warriors. The name Vilcabamba is a Spanish version of the Inca ‘Huilco Pampa,’ meaning Valley of the Sacred Huilco Tree.

The Huilco contains an ochre red juice which is used in ritual and healing. At the Villa on the mountain you can easily feel the quiet healing of the Mandango. The Valleys around here also have their stories, this area has been important for indigenous cultures going back for Millennia. There are crystal caves, springs, waterfalls and a climate unparalleled. Here is the eternal spring, temperatures from 15-26 all year round.

Absolutely everything grows, southern tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, papaya, pineapple and guavas, and their more northerly counterparts, like strawberries, raspberries cacao, coffee, beans, and other gorgeous fruits indigenous to the area. Organics are easily available, thanks to a growing consciousness brought by the many foreigners who now flock here to what literally resembles a paradise.

There is a sense that if the world gets into trouble, whether it be by climate, war, or economic collapse, this area will be self-sustainable and productive. One feels alive here. There are many mysteries yet unexplored, stories and legends that live on and are even experienced today. Sightings of ufo’s and even alien beings are not uncommon. There are force fields in some places that prohibit people from entering certain sites.

Even sacred sites that are still protected by elders and invisible warriors. Even the lost treasure of Atahualpa is rumored to be buried here nearby. There certainly are many burial sites, and quite some gold. Fes burials are spiral in shape, and align across the mountains to point the way.

Just on the other side of a mountain in fact is what is called Inca Plaza. It is an archaeological site bigger than Machu Picchu, yet it remains entirely unexcavated for some reason. (There are many cases where, out of respect for the indigenous, and for fear of tourism, the government refuses to dig. )


Vegetarian living foods breakfast and lunch, plus energizing superfood smoothies and fresh juiced green drinks at morning and afternoon breaks are included. Dinner is up to you. Local markets feature tropical fruits and organic produce. A fully equipped open air kitchen is available for guests to prepare and share meals, or you can explore the diverse flavors of local and international cuisine at Vilcabambas many affordable cafes and restaurants.

The living foods diet
We create our bodies from the food we eat, and in the case of the living foods diet, we also fortify our energy bodies by consciously elevating, conserving, and absorbing the Qi contained in the living plant bodies that we tend, gather and consume. The living foods diet is very refined and specific, and while optimizing the micro-nutrient and Qi content of the food and our ability for full absorption, it also refines and optimizes our relationship with eating.

This is a purifying program, physically, emotionally, and energetically. In modern human culture, we use eating to fill a variety of needs and wants, both conscious and unconscious. By applying living foods awareness as a transformational discipline, we wean ourselves from previous eating patterns and arrive at a very clear and direct communion with the elements, plant kingdom, and life energies that sustain our physical form and energetic condition.

The foods eaten are plant sourced, organically grown, freshly harvested, and enzyme active. Care is taken to conserve and enhance both the vigor and also the vibrational quality of its Qi. Food is never heated above 105°F, exposed to chemicals or EMF, or processed in a way that deteriorates its nutritive and energetic state.

Food is grown, harvested, prepared, and eaten holding awareness that plants are living creatures with energy bodies and plant consciousness. Maintaining a deep appreciation for their beauty, humble reverence for their service to us, and a spiritual love for their aliveness raises their Qi and vibration, and ours, while generating a conscious resonance and spiritual communion with them.

Nuts and seeds are always soaked and rinsed to activate their enzymes and rinse away germination inhibitors. Sprouts have a particularly vital Qi, the germination energy being activated, and also the nutrients are thus enhanced and in highly absorbable form. Raw Fermented foods fortify the probiotic intestinal flora and provide additional nutritive and enzymatic compounds.

Ayurvedic flavor balancing principles are used to enhance the deliciousness of the food for a whole-being, full spectrum nourishment experience. The liquids within living plants are structured and contain concentrated nutrients and Qi. Freshly prepared juices from freshly harvested vegetables cleanse and nourish our cells, glands and organs and raise the vibration of our energy fields.

Smoothies made from fresh fruits, soaked nuts and seeds, and super foods such as blue green algae, bee pollen, raw cacao, acai berry, cordiceps mushroom, aloe vera and maca root are highly antioxidant and supply the body with abundant nutrients, electrolytes, and vital energies.

Know before you go

Transfer from Loja regional airport or Loja bus terminal to Vilcabamba is included in the retreat cost.

Responsible tourism
Everything during this trip is 100% ecological, organic, and sustainable!

A minimum of 7 attendees is required for the TTC to be realized. You will receive an official confirmation from when enough students have enrolled.
Please do not purchase your airfare before you have received such confirmation e-mail. If you have any questions, Contact Us.

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

  • You can fly to Quito International Airport and take are regional flight on Tame airlines to Loja regional airport, or you can take an overnight or day bus from Quito to Loja.
  • You can fly to Guayaquil International Airport and take a regional flight, bus or shuttle to Cuenca and then on to Loja.

Booking conditions

30% deposit is required. Payment plans available upon request. Please Contact us for more information..

Once deposit is submitted, participants can cancel and are not committed to part-take, but the deposit will be retained.

Last program photos


Additional Information

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1 Person Package $2195.00, 2 Person Package $4390.00


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