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Rebekah Letch, New York, USA

59894_10150246451590062_3767770_nRebekah is an ambassador for the OVAL yoga mat and Qi Yo sustainable yoga clothing.

Yogi:: Ballet / SalsaDancer :: Choreographer :: Instructor :: Animal Lover :: Fitness Addict :: visit my website at Biography

Rebekah Letchumanan graduated from New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, with a Masters in Human Development and The Arts in Education with a 4.0 GPA. She did her BA (Hons) in England in Business Management with a major in Marketing and also graduated from the prestigious Julliard School in NYC.

2012. She is the recipient of many dance awards in Asia, USA, Australia and Europe. Rebekah was an ASEAN Brewery Scholar for Singapore Dance Theater and has performed in many of the company’s ballet performances. Some of the many competitions in which she emerged as Champion include The Royal Academy of Dancing (Summer School Competitions) (Hongkong, Singapore, London), The Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (Australia), The Grande Prix, The Adeline Genee, The US Open and the Dance Excellence Awards held in Los Angeles.

Rebekah has trained at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, School of American Ballet, and The Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet. In Singapore, she was featured in the National Arts Council documentary, “Young Wonder”, on Arts Central and was the dance judge of the nations’s national dance TV competition Dhool. She is certified to teach the National Training Curriculum of American Ballet Theatre’s levels Primary to Level 7. Rebekah’s love for salsa blossomed when she had a serious knee injury while attending the Julliard School in NYC.

Doctors told her to stay away from dancing for a long while. She started dancing salsa as it was not as intense as ballet and eventually fell in love with it. Rebekah has traveled all over the world to major congresses in Asia, Europe and USA to perform and teach. Rebekah has integrated yoga, Cross-fit, and lots of cardio and plyometric workouts and exercises in her daily exercise regime. Rebekah believes that technique classes alone are not enough for the demands of present-day choreography.

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