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Tanhit Ma Deva, Russia

59894_10150246451590062_3767770_nI was born in Minsk. I spent all my childhood at my grandmother’s house in Belarus. The forest, the river, fresh milk and feeling of absolute freedom… It was the time of thirst for knowledge and amazing discoveries.

Here I’ve learnt the taste of life and its aroma of mystery.

Later together with my parents we moved to Rostov-na Donu to this big and hot city. That was the place where I began to study at school. The academic year was lasting so long and so heavy…I had always feeling that it was something like painful duty… Though I was spending my free time taking part in gymnastic and later in athletics, I still dreamt to come back to Granny’s…

My thoughts about that time were endless happiness for me… We could gather herbs and berries swim into the river, run with boys there… But the special magic for me were the Ivan Kupala Day, the Christmas carols, the day of Peruna and so on… My Grandmother was saving all the traditions…and people were always around her.. she could also tell fortunes…

After leaving school I entered to Rostov economic university for the faculty of Economic computer science… Surely I ended the University, but I felt as if it was more social game, than my desire.

When I was studying at last course, I got married and gave a birth to the daughter. My life became filled by a call of duty. I should always be faithful wife, good mother, loving daughter etc. It was probably the most difficult period of my life. At that time I felt I had lost my freedom and …and it seemed to me it was forever… And it happened despite our mutual love with my husband and a birth of my son – state of depression, crisis of relations, a trauma and illness of our son as a result …  Just then I began to take part in various spiritual and corporal trainings like yoga, energy massage and meditation.

Then I built my business… after that…I divorced…And during next ten years I was working very hard. My business was really successful, but I couldn’t get rid of feeling that I had done something wrong. I felt necessity for self-expression and self-affirmation. Unfortunate love, endless search of My Man ….crisis…self-condemnation, guilt…

But illness which has led me to death helped me to be born anew. Since that point my life has begun from the start.

Just that time I realized value of my life. Dezire to know myself was so strong, that I left my family and spent the whole year alone in small farm on the bank of Don. Due to this period of my life I received many gifts from our “existence”. It was a new vision of life. The meeting with great Master OSHO changed life. He became a source of creative inspiration and a motive of spiritual development for me. I started to practice Osho-meditations, yoga, spontaneous dance. I was traveling a lot, I met many interesting people. In several years my spiritual search led me to India. Here I have met many practicing people and masters from various of spiritual traditions – teachers of yoga and tantra, the Taoist master in the Himalayas, old sanyansin, disciple of Osho – in Poona, Vedantic masters Dzhotish and Vastu – in Goa. Meditation became quality of my life.

After returning I have started to conduct Osho-meditations classes in Russia, classes of yoga and spontaneous dance and to draw mandalas.

On my third trip to India in 2008 I met Maya. This meeting was like a flash of reminiscences and happiness. Мaya was dancing the Mandala – it’s really surprising dance, which was opened to her, as a mix of dance, meditations and treatment energy. So…I began to dance the Mandala with Maya, and my body has blossomed, I began to realize my feminity, my primary nature. Due to the Mandala all my knowledge and cumulative experience began to be integrated. Well…and Maya suggested me to develop the Mandala Dance together.

Since that time The Mandala has become my best spiritual practice and my way of creative self-expression. Together with Maya we train groups of women, who want to understand their female energy. It seems to me I am constantly in creative process, I share my knowledge with others and I develop myself.

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